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hey there! I'm Camilla.

I'm an Atlanta based  director, writer, and creator.  i began my journey on the stage -  in the spring of 2020, I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BFA in Musical Theatre and an individually designed minor in Directing.

though I always had a feeling I would want to eventually direct, it wasn't until I took a directing course my sophomore year of college that I felt my shell crack open. nothing had ever come so naturally to me - while simultaneously  challenging me to my furthest extremes.

growing up, I was always enthralled by stories. a naturally stubborn Taurus, I would refuse to go to bed unless my dad told me a new bedtime story. every single night I was sent to sleep chasing my dreams with a curious spark in my mind.

I'm still chasing dreams, but new ones.
I hope to create work that  shares space and opportunity for stories to be heard and community to be found.

current projects and recent work

status update:
currently, I work  in Atlanta as the  Prop Buyer  for the hit ABC show, 'Will Trent'.

I also work at Armance Films, LLC, a female-founded Atlanta-based production company,  as our Communications Manager and fellow creative.

amidst a pandemic, I was able to work with an incredible group of people to create the short  film "Baby Shoes". everyone on set followed  all COVID-19 precautions and safety protocols. the full film will be released in early 2021.
I played the role of Dakota/Beth.

i dare you:  a short film project I created in 2020.

in the fall of 2019, I directed The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe in Theatre UAB's Mainstage Season.

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