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film director + creator

hey there! i'm Camilla.

i'm an Atlanta based  writer and director.  i began my journey on the stage -  in the spring of 2020, i graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BFA in Musical Theatre and an individually designed minor in Directing.

though i always had a feeling i would want to eventually direct, it wasn't until i took a directing course my sophomore year of college that I felt my shell crack open. nothing had ever come so naturally to me - while simultaneously  challenging me to my furthest extremes.

growing up, i was always enthralled by stories. a naturally stubborn Taurus, i would refuse to go to bed unless i was told a new bedtime story. every night i was sent to sleep chasing my dreams with a curious spark in my mind.

i'm still chasing dreams, but new ones.

i don't think it's naive to believe that film provides an avenue to change. with each character, situation, and experience depicted on screen, a viewer's capacity for empathy and understanding has the opportunity to grow and expand. i work to create spaces for community to be found.


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